LEXX 2.20: “End of the Universe”

The season finale, so before you can say “this is going to have to involve Mantrid, the portal to the Dark Zone and Lyekka, assuming they haven’t actually forgotten she exists,” it does.

I liked the idea of combatting Mantrid by merging 790 with a Mantrid drone, resulting in a counterforce of armed-and-horny self-replicating cyborgs. It’s also a nice callback to “791”.

Lyekka’s ending was arguably a bit of a sacrifice-the-redshirt one, but then again the point was made that it wasn’t really self-sacrifice; being a plant, she was dead from lack of nutrients anyway, and was just completing the cycle in a way that ensured that the rest of the crew survived. Although I think they could have made more of her as a character and crew member, I do have to say that at least the episodes she had, she never felt particularly shoehorned-in, so it’s a shame she didn’t make it to Season 3 and the Dark Zone. Which of course the rest of the crew do.

And yes, I did too! More micro-reviews later…

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Fiona Moore

Academic, anthropologist and SF writer, living, teaching and working in a global city.

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