Space Precinct episode 20: “The Fire Within, Part I”

The YouTube channel I’m watching these on combined both episodes into a single movie, but I couldn’t stick more than 45 minutes, so I just watched up to the cliffhanger midway through, and will cover the second half next week.

There’s a new religion in Demeter City, the Pyrists, who worship a fire god, and who think it’s a miracle when one of their priests spontaneously combusts. The police are somewhat less certain (with the exception of Took, who is taking a break from asexual lesbianism to try out Pyrism), particularly when another priest, who asks to talk to Brogan privately, also meets a rather fiery death.

Haldane’s going to fancy one of the priests. No prizes for guessing which.

Since the Pyrists have seen the faces of all the major characters except Haldane, who was on holiday, Haldane gets sent in for an undercover operation with Podly’s daughter Samina, who’s a cop in another precinct, as a partner. Haldane is apparently beguiled by a pretty priestess and starts getting way too enthusiastic, to the point where he exposes Samina as a narc and murders her. Freeze frame, run credits. Did Haldane convert? Is Samina dead? I’d say the answers to both questions are pretty obvious, but they do have to end on an exciting cliffhanger I guess. And you do have to wonder how she managed not to die.

This episode’s got a few surprising pieces of continuity: Podly’s daughter Samina, and the fact that she’s a cop and her Dad’s not too happy about it, were first mentioned in “Flash“, and Romek’s famous cop grandfather from “Illegal” also gets a namecheck. It’s not exactly Babylon 5, but it’s nice that each episode isn’t totally standalone.

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